Monday, April 18, 2011

A little whistle.

Since last Thursday I have had many ideas come to mind on what to write here. And yet I find myself at a loss on what should be said; how to form the words of God's grace in our lives for others to gain perspective and growth.

These moments that fill our day are placed before us as constant reminders of who God is, what He did for us, and why we need Him.

A short tail to tell seems obsolete, one of which most would disregard as noise.Yet for me it peeled back another layer, allowing His truth to burrow that much deeper.

Last week I sat with my mim as she walked me through her recent trip back East. The unexpected traveling delays, the sweet surprises, conversations built on the rich love of Jesus, rock-your-mouth-food that you can't find here, and moments of great thought and reflection.

Somewhere in between her speaking about the bread she had to have everyday and the cute shop called Why Not? my senses where altered and the words she spoke became less of; muddled and distracting. As she pressed forward not aware of my focus, I held up my hand and shushed her quiet.

We waited momentarily, hearing nothing but silence. Her conversation picked up from where she had left off, yet no more than 20 seconds later I had waved my hand in the air again, quickly quieting her to listen.

Across the room and through the wall the soft sound of whistling could be heard. The tune was light and pleasant, yet loud in nature which captivated your ears to hear only its sweet melody. As I closed my eyes and attentively listened, my mind shifted to that of the man whose lips whistled the song.

His eyes had seen the days of many years gone by, aging well past 55. He worked a tool used to till the winter matted soil; baring dirt stained hands, calloused hard from manual labor. The recent weather had turned cold, bringing unexpected snow the day prior. His jeans were worn and he wore a gray hooded sweatshirt that he kept up and tied tightly for added warmth. The sun was near set, and you knew that he had been up before most, taking on a new day of opportunity; a day of work that would lead to payment.

As his whistling continued, I wept; tears of questioning how we came to be a world where people are divided, hunger is met with death, selfish gain is trumped by selflessness, and war is evident. Yet through it all, joy. Here was a man doing the work of someone half his age, and yet, joy. His whistling was more than just a noise, it was the sweet sound and reminder of keeping God above all. Above the sweat, dirt and pain, He reigns with love and abounding grace. That even in the times of doubt, His light shines on.

My mim sat beside me, watching my shoulders shake, watching the flood of tears. When she asked me why the whistling made me cry, I had to take a moment and think of how to say it. Not because I didn't know, but rather because the reasoning behind it was too extraordinary, too large to put into words. And even now as I sit here writing, I wonder how to say it. How do you put into words the love of Christ? And above that, how do I explain that the whistling I was hearing amplified that love?

God's love is easy. And it's within a whistle that God can show His simplistic way of being.

Jesus did not say that this life would be easy, in fact, He knows of the big bumps that get in the way. But He does say, through Him all things are possible. Meaning that all you need is Him. He doesn't say, through people, good works, church, and family, all things are possible. No, he says, through HIM all things are possible. Simple.

And when I hear God speak through a whistle, my heart begins to break for those who have yet to hear His voice. Christ's love is like water, poured out for us all. And since having been quenched of thirst, I wish only the same for you. While my tears were that of questioning, they were mostly of great praise and thanks for the new sight in which God has given me. Great sight in which is centered on Him alone.

Our God is a good God, compassionate and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in love. Drink of His water and never grow thirsty again. And all the days after you will hear His whistle.

Lord God,

May you please open our ears, eyes, minds, and hearts to your daily reminders of the abounding love You give so freely. Living within a broken world, we are easily distracted from the way in which You ask us to live; for You and You alone. We thank you for never leaving, never forsaking and always loving us. 

In your holy name I pray, Amen.


angie on maui said...

I am really loving that I can witness this incredibly beautiful transformation you're going through, Tay. I don't believe that I am alone when I say that your thoughts and your words are reaching - and moving - so many people.

Keep doing what you're doing, friend. It's a beautiful thing.


Missy said...


David and Sarah said...

I really needed this today. I needed this at the very moment I read it. So grateful to know you. So grateful for little miracles. You are wonderful. Never forget it!