Thursday, May 19, 2011

Still Water.

Have you ever sat by a lake in the early morning? The glass-like surface of water that appears to be solid ground. Witnessing the silence and quiet that is displayed brings you back to a place which is hardly remembered back home in the midst of regular life. You begin to get lost in the calm nature that spreads through your mind and soul; asking, why can't it always be like this?

Not too long ago my life was easily represented by a river. A river that was overflowing by winters run-off. A river that could not be contained by a million sand bags. The daily life of trying to control what wasn't mine to control in the first place.

This morning I laid in bed listening to the morning call of the birds that find sweet delight in the new day. While his breath was steady and quiet I slowly moved my feet to his, finding comfort in the warmth of his skin. The big guy didn't have to go to work this morning; basking in his presence, if only while he slept, made my heart full.

On his pillow with her body tucked in between his head and shoulder lay our tiny fluff. Looking over, I laughed a tiny laugh; God must have made a move on my heart if there was a dog sleeping in my bed. It's in those moments I wish I had my camera in hand; the big and small sleeping soundly, side by side would fill my empty picture frame perfectly.

Outside the rain has been washing clean the earth for days, and its sweet rat-tat-tat-tat on our window never grows old. The moisture has brought great beauty to the previously dead-matted land. Thinking back to my recent drive home from the retreat, I close my eyes and envision the hills that reflected a color too magnificent for words. As if someone had taken a bright green highlighter and colored each blade of grass; grass that confirms an All Mighty Creator.

As I lay, it is through the tiny dance inside my belly that continues my prayer of praise. As the big guy rolls over to face me I take his hand and place it below mine, and together we lay, side by side, still, witnessing His greatest miracle.

Had I ever known that life could be so full with so little, I would have traded it all in sooner. No size of home, societal status, amount of love from family or friends can compare to His Mightiness and Love.

My once rushing river has arrived to the inlet that meets still water. Water that may see wind and rain, or skipped rocks breaking the still surface, yet remaining underneath, calmness and balance. Calm and balance that remain every breathing second of every single day. The occasional peace that only came on camping trips, sitting by a lake in the early morning, is now constant, enduring, and never failing.


It is through You that I can find stillness. It is through You that life is full. Thank you for Your daily blessings and never failing love. Our relationship is special, and each day I look forward to growing closer to You. 

Thank you for the birds outside my window, who sing Your sweet melody. Thank you for the man who helps me grow closer to You. Thank you for the moisture that makes Your land green. Thank you for the dog that brings joy and laughter into our home. And thank you for the daily dances in my tummy. May Your strong hand keep her safe and healthy.

I love you with all of my heart, soul and mind.



JRuud said...

This is beautiful. I Love it.

manda said...

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David and Sarah said...

Such sweet simple truths you speak. Love reading what you have to say. You always help me see the bigger picture. You are absolutely wonderful!! Love you lots!

Missy said...


Chelsea said...

does this mean you are pregnant?!!!! How exciting if it does!! :)