Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Big Guy shares.

He is risen!

In our day and age, this is actually not a statement in most cases. In our day it is usually a question posed by those doubting the historicity or the validity of the Bible. When Christ died on the Cross of Calvary, he was given a wealthy man’s burial instead of being burned in the garbage dump called Gehenna located outside of Jerusalem.

People don’t come back to life when they are dead. Once in a while we will hear about a story of someone who has been pronounced dead and is taken to the hospital - or perhaps the morgue - and suddenly their heart starts beating again and they live. I cannot challenge these claims since I was not a witness. I can say, however, that I have never heard a story of someone who was dead for three days and was raised from their death, save the story of the King of Kings; Jesus Christ.

Death is a byproduct of sin. The only reason we die, or anything in this world dies, is because of the decision of two people to eat of the only fruit God forbade them to eat. That’s it. There is no other reason for death save the entrance of sin to this earth. With that being true, the only reason Jesus of Nazareth was killed on a cross was because He took the sins of the WORLD upon him, all at once. Once, for all time!

He was not guilty of any sin, and was therefore innocent and unblemished like the scapegoat who was sent outside the city before the Day of Atonement. Jesus Christ went to the cross to justify every human being who has lived, is living, or will ever live. But this time, it did not need to be done every year, year after year. It needed to be done one time and one time only. Once, for all time!

Because Jesus never sinned, it was IMPOSSIBLE for death to hold him! He was not guilty of sin and therefore God, who is perfectly just, rose Him from the dead because he was innocent. The innocent man cannot stay dead since He never trespassed before His Father.

He is risen indeed! We celebrate this time in history every Easter. But I ask you, what part of Jesus’ teaching are you celebrating today?

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