Wednesday, June 19, 2013

And so I ask.

You wonder what happened in the dark coupled by moans of restlessness and cries for mama. Too much light filled the room for her to fall back into dreams, I lay with her tucked in one arm as the other freely extends and tickles the soft skin of her cheek. Inhaling deep I relax to her smell--lavender still lingers from the day priors bath. Pushing forward I press deeply into the nap of her neck and breath her in again.

It's one of those mornings that you pray in-between each sip of coffee. Prayers of perseverance, prayers of thanksgiving, prayers of understanding, prayers for the words. I'm not so much tired from the sleepless night than I am from the frustration of understanding how to reach a people that don't want to talk.

Mormons, why won't you have the hard conversations? Not being stiff necked or yelling in your face, I just want to talk.

I've walked away from this blog many times in the years, listening and learning to what it is I am suppose to write. The discerning of scriptures, knowledge of who this God is, the one True God, and what my purpose for Him is. I continually keep coming back to the faces that surround me in years past and today. Are we all to ignore the pile under the rug in the middle of the floor, sufficing for the continued trek of up-hill or the extra mile detour around it forever? Or worse, excepting everyone's truth to be truth as long as it sits well with them. I say no. Conversation can and should be had.

Throughout my walk I have had many mature followers of Christ mercifully come along side me and correct my path. Only as I let the walls of pride and fear crumble have I been able to allow this corrective teaching to happen. It is now something that I have come to want. We have this one shot to get it right and if I am going down the wrong path that leads to a cliff of destruction, I expect those who have walked in the light longer to grab me by the shoulders and turn me around.

It's no longer a matter of stepping on toes or hurting feelings, because all things in Christ are done in love. The hard conversations about Truth are had because I know the love the Father has for all His creation and thus, I too love.

In loving well I can't stand idle any longer. I want to talk about the deep, uncomfortable, and hard things. I want to dive into scripture with a Mormon and talk about what we find. I want to talk about Jesus and the freedom found in Christ. Let's talk about the differences in hope to find ultimate Truth.

If you have the ultimate Truth, I want to know it. If I have missed something, or been led astray, I want to know. Because there will be a day when I stand before God, and I want to have got it right.

In the rest that Christ has to offer, I pray for a future of understanding and growth towards Him, the One who saved us all. 

Choose to respond via email ( and comments, both in person or anonymously if that is more comfortable for you.

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

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