Monday, August 5, 2013


We went out this morning to water the flowers along the side of the house. Dragging the long length of hose I looked down to the overgrowth of weeds.

Weeds are like sin. The less attention given, the more they grow.

My daisies had died, but the weeds surrounding its base were green in growth which didn't belong.

Weeds are like sin. They flourish without care.

I turned towards the garage to fetch my gloves.

Kneeling down on the ground I began to weed. Making myself level with the burden, I saw the abundance that had over-saturated the soil. Some with roots only surface deep, others that penetrated deep underground--weeds all the same.

Weeds are like sin. I think back on my life. I think back to the condition of my heart, when sin had penetrated its roots deeply, producing a garden of green that only boar weeds. 

Last week the neighbors down the street had passed while saying hello, making note of the bloomed black-eyed Susan's. Overlooking the weeds, they only focused on what was good. And as I dug my fingertips in the dirt today, I thought about our desensitized hearts and the disservice done to one another by looking passed our sin, letting roots continue their growth downward.

How differently life could be if we were honest, helping one another keep an eye on the weeds.

Before the shadow from the side of the house could shrink to a size that left no shade from the sun I gathered my bucket filled with weeds. She pushed her baby stroller to the steps and we went inside for water.

Washing dirt off my arm I gave pause to the thought of my life now, in Christ. Weeds that once were are now gone, and those that still try and take growth have roots that only take hold on the surface before being pulled away quickly by the Gardner tending after my heart.

I never forget my life prior to Christ. Each day I give prayer for the discernment of my thoughts, actions, and motives; are they rooted in Christ or of something else--clearing out the weeds--living in the light. Prayer that I never seek after that which is only pleasing to the eye.

Weeds are like sin. Don't let them go untended for too long because eventually the green that you see will appear not as it is.

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