Monday, December 2, 2013

A lying label.

This morning we took the big guy to work. The route into the city began to conjure old memories of when I too drove each morning to work. It had been years since I had thought in detail about what I use to do; sell high-end cosmetic creams and weight loss dietary supplements.

As we drove, we talked. The talking led to the unraveling reality of my life prior to Christ.

I use to sell a product that guaranteed a flatter stomach by applying a topical cream to the abdominal area. The name said, Tummy Flattening Gel. I remember first learning about the product, rolling my eyes at the thought--people really believe this? No less than 3 months later I was applying the product twice daily as recommended.

Towards the end of my career there we had launched a new dietary supplement with the slogan, eat all you want and still lose weight. I remember being on the phone with people for an hour, convincing them that this revolutionary product was indeed true!

As I explained the products to the big guy we laughed. I continued to explain that with all weight loss products we recommended diet and exercise for the best results--we laughed again. And then in the same breath our conversation led to how this lie is seen in many fascists of life, especially faith.

Ironically, last night I had a conversation that put this all into play.

We have a girl from San Diego living with us. She came to Utah a while back with a missions group  to evangelize the Mormon religion. Shortly into her mission she was deeply convicted by God to stay and make Utah her home.

This past week she went to temple square in Salt Lake City on a date. Her and her boyfriend went to the family history library to look into their genealogy. While being assisted the latter-day-saint asked her if she was a going member. Replying that she was not, the latter-day-saint asked her what religion she was.

"I'm a Christian," she responded.
Being taken back, the latter-day-saint replied that she too was a Christian. Pointing to a sign with their churches name she said, "See, our church name has Christ in it."


I've learned over the years that just because something is labeled one way, it doesn't necessarily contain a product that is true to that name. The same goes for Jesus Christ. People can label a building with His names, but the reality of what is inside proves to be counterfeit to who Christ is and what being a Christian is all about.

Like the products I use to sell, the underlining truth was that a little diet and exercise were all that is needed. Like Jesus, He says that He is the way the truth and the life, and that no one gets to the Father except through Him. It is Jesus, plus nothing.

[Encouraging everyone to look past the label.]

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