Friday, July 1, 2011

Good Morning to You.

Our mornings are met with the blaring ring of the alarm clock. The big guy is early to rise, as sure is the sun. I watch as he moves from one side of the room to the next, switching the noise to off, sitting down on the edge of the bed with his head hung into his hands. He takes the silence in one last time, tuning His thoughts towards Him who will give him strength and perseverance for one more day.

I tell him goodbye, claiming one more hug that fades the surrounding world away. He will leave and I will stay, beginning a new day in my own way.

The early morning air is crisp and fresh, with recent watered grass that is cool to touch on my toes. Our tiny ball of fur makes way for her spot and I look to the sky where I am met with His first hello bursting in great light. With one deep inhale I thank Him for another sunrise, sure to bring new light, to a new day, with new opportunities to serve Him.

Reentering home I peel the orange that will serve as my morning juice. I am quick in movement with constant thought on His magnificence waiting for my senses to consume; ashamed of the mornings I wasted in bed, rather sitting with Him. As I take the cool glass of freshly squeezed citrus, I escape to the balcony and find my front row seat to the sunrise show; sure to play daily in same rhythmic melody for all to rave and review about. 

I've heard it said by many to start your day with Him, before the chaos of the upcoming hours begin to pull your attention away. Perhaps you read, or sit alone in prayer. And while both are suited fine in meeting with His grace, I recommend the fresh air and sunrise to bring you back to none; back to the One.

Good morning to you, and good morning to You.

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Vic said...

Good morning doll! i agree:) and this was so beautifully written! so good! enjoy the day