Friday, March 23, 2012

Standing up.

The idea that everyone is entitled to their own "truth", or that there are lots of different parts that make-up "truth" for everyone, is a path of convenience; whatever works for you is good. If you say that you are "open-to-all" while claiming a specific religion or spirituality then there is no Truth. You can't have half-Truth, or near-Truth, or feel-good-Truth, or what-works-for-you-Truth. It either is, or it isn't. Truth is consistent, unchanging, and whole. New-age thinking has left the water tainted, murky and disease struck. And I get it because I use to sail those waters. I use to think that if we could all just get-along, have equality for all, share a little but agree to disagree, then we'd be good. And hey, as long as we are all striving to do good and be nice to one another, surely if there is a God then He will see those acts of me working hard and have me with open arms on the day of judgment.

That was until I learned about the character and nature of God. I didn't change my life because I thought it would be easy. Easy is what I described above. I found whole Truth. Meaning all that I research and read holds solid ground; it is consistent with who God says He is, what He has done, and what He will do.

My life is for God. God alone. I do not add for my convenience. I do not take away what is hard. I look at the whole in full light. I do not have faith based on emotion, but fact.

There are days when I get worn-thin of how backwards people have made the Gospel. And today I'm standing up for what I believe in.

If your faith is anything besides what is taught in the Bible then know that I see you as a child on a bike heading straight toward a cliff with a sheer drop off.

We are not talking about which color of car is best to drive. We are talking about heaven and hell. Your salvation.

While my God is loving and sovereign, I read and know that He is also a God of justice. And there will be a day when you will stand before the Almighty and it won't matter how good you tried to be, or how excepting you were of other beliefs. If you are living for anything or anyone besides Jesus Christ who died on a cross for you, then please ask questions, please seek. I am begging you to look toward the side and see God screaming for you to STOP before the tires of your bike lose ground and it is too late.

In life, there is death. And we will all die. Do you know where you will go? If it is not a direct YES, then someone, somewhere led you astray.

He is the way, the Truth, and the life.

Unite in Christ, not man.

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