Wednesday, March 14, 2012

White wings.

The silence is met by the voices of a hundred white swans. Watching them soar before landing is a majestic scene that can't be replicated by the flesh. The capability to cut air with such grace leaves me in a trance, away from self. I see the Creators detail in the nature outside my window. Such detail that brings my reality to perspective; He is big and I am small.

My backyard gives room for open fields of cattle, water of eloquence, and far horizons that take your mind to depths of simplistic thought. His creation is a masterpiece of vast contrast and subtlety. The cohesive attributes of all that is should be enough to sustain a humble heart. Yet my reality does not live in this chair which outlooks a picture of rich peace and grand magnitude of Him.

I keep asking why. Why don't they see the Holiness of who You are? Why won't they listen with a humble heart? How could something so beautiful be distorted to the glory of man and not of You? Why are You not seen in whole by all? How can such evil be masked as joy and truth?

But then, their white wings against gray skies catch sight, turning me away from the questions that build-up inside, reminding me of the price You paid to redeem all. Your blood made me whole. I am now white as snow. While this world is gray of false faith, idolatrous hopes, and blind eyes, Your light can be seen through it all.

I will keep my eyes on You.
On the white.

For it is not by my power that these questions will ever be answered, but by You--Commander and Chief of all creation.

Holy Lord,

Keep my thoughts on You. 
Let me walk in Your ways and revere You always. 
From You I lack nothing. 
Let me not forget.


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