Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pausing for Love.

When we play peekaboo I gaze between the cracks of my fingers, watching her face dance with emotions that break down all barriers of worry, shame, or guilt. Each time is like the first...peekaboo. Smiles are met with giggles and curiosity, reactions that make my pores ooze with love.


In the depth of night I crashed. He heard my cry and woke without hesitation. Running to me quickly, speaking words of worry that confirm his love for me. Wanting to take my place for a moment he helps me to my feet, whispering his affection in ways of touch and sympathy. As I lay in the dark I watch. I watch him stand over her struggling cries while I rest. Rubbing her back she becomes calm, stillness feels the room. He comforts her like I can not. I love him deep.


The grass is now brown, burnt from the sun. Patches of green show its desire to keep fighting the losing battle. The earth has been thirsty for many weeks, and today it drank. In between showers I walked outside. With no shoes to hide my soles I enjoyed the fresh moisture, taking pleasure in the rejoicing smell of quenched thirst from my surrounding ground. The earth loves the rain and so do I.


All love. All different forms.

I don't love chocolate as I love my baby. I don't love my baby as I love the big guy. And while I use the word love to describe the smell of rain, I don't love it the same as I do God.

Have we stretched the walls of love too thin? Have we let the depth of its meaning blow in the wind; using it wherever we please, without correct context to that which is truly love?

Enamored by the Word I turn to Him for guidance and understanding of all things. 

He says He loves.

He says that His love for me is immeasurable.

He has shown the depths of His love by a death.

He loves me.

He is love.

He says, Trust steadily in God, hope unswervingly, love extravagantly. And the best of the three is love. 

Using love to describe my inner feelings towards those I care deeply for seems appropriate.

Using love to describe my liking of hot dogs does not. Yes, I enjoy the meat mixed with savory toppings, but are my feelings that of extravagance?

I want my use of the word love to depict the love God has for me.

When I speak love do I speak death? I love you. I would die for you.

Love Extravagantly. Loving like He loves.

Do I love my new shade of lipstick? Would I die for it?
Do I love the dessert? Would I die for it?
Do I love my car? Would I die for it?
Do I love my family? Would I die for them?
Do I love money? Would I die for it?
Do I love my dog? Would I die for her?
Do I love shopping? Would I die for it?

Love. A word overused and watered-down to describe things of this world that are here today and gone tomorrow.

I love you, He speaks.

A word that God would use to describe that which He thinks is precious deserves pause.

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