Friday, December 7, 2012

Clean well.

Last night the big guy noticed the kitchen floor needed cleaning. Guilty.

I had been looking at those smudges and crumbs for the past 2 weeks. Okay, the past 3 weeks. Honestly, I had hoped the dog would have gotten around to licking them clean.

I'm not a dirty person. I like clean things and feel at peace when all is in its place. However, just because something is put away doesn't make it clean. Just because the floor in my kitchen is picked-up of toys and spilled dog food, doesn't make it clean. Sigh.

Our new sofa is being delivered this afternoon. The old one went down stairs and left me with treasures that were hidden underneath. As I began to vacuum, He began to speak. Clean well.

I vacuumed over particular areas again, then took the hose and cleaned along the edges where junk tends to get stuck. This home is a blessing, a gift, from Me. Clean well.

The plan had been to vacuum the front room where the new sofa was being placed. When you came to Me broken and alone, did I only pull you out from the depths? Clean well.

Going from carpet to hardwood floor I switched the settings.

The power button stopped working when we moved and the only way to keep the cleaning machine running is by holding it down while you work. My thumb began to throb, causing my hand to cramp.

Bumping into the dinning room chair I pulled back and went around. As I brought you out of darkness there was much work to be done. Clean well.

I pulled my thumb off the power and quickly moved the chairs into the next room, pushing the high chair and garbage can to the side.

The cleaning continued, one chore leading to the next; getting dirty to make my home clean. When the urge to cut a corner came...clean well.

As I brought you back to life I had to clean the inner details. Scrubbing the spots that had stained, wiping out the corners where junk was stuck. I purified your mind and polished your heart. I took my time, sure as to not miss the garbage overflowing deep within. I washed you out, made you new.

Now in the bathroom and wiping up the whiskers from his most recent shave, I zoned in on the details. Dusting here, scrubbing there, I cleaned well.

You see this home where you now live? I gave it to you because I love you. All the things that make-up your life have been restored in Me and they are all blessings poured out for you from Me. My death was for your life. This life is yours to do well with in response to what I have done for you.

Clean well. In Jesus name, amen.

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Anonymous said... have NO idea how much i needed to read this today. to be reminded of a standard i actually want to live by but is often pushed aside for too much and get to and after this. thank you for your transparency my dear. --kris