Tuesday, June 25, 2013

His perfect and loving time.

My husband is a pilot and flew with a believer years ago, I was introduced to his family later on--the wife and I became good friends; she always spoke about "sin". Finally one day I had, had enough. I asked God, if there was a God, to reveal sin in my life, if there was any. To say the least, I am now a follower of Christ because He did, and continues to do--Praise God!

We laughed.


Having wound up sitting next to each other at church. Our dots were connected when we became aware that we were both first time visitors. The morning had been one continued conformation after another; having been led to attend. Meeting my new friend was simply another act of mercy from God.

Transitioning from one church to another is a task of unknown and new beginnings. But the act of being led into the correct body for your current walk is worth it.

Jesus himself might as well been standing behind the pulpit preaching directly to me. Everything that God had been pruning me for was spoke with the utmost authority and love.

I have heard a saying over years, the pastor said. When a pastor speaks He should be hid behind the cross. When I stand before you on Sunday, it is my hope that you would only see Jesus. 

I murmured a quiet Amen to agree.

Who was this guy? How did he know to speak on the very topic that has been shaping my decisions and convictions for the past 3 months? 

Church leaders will be constantly tempted to water down the message of the gospel and its application so that few are offended. When ordained leaders take their eyes off of Jesus and put them on their congregation everybody loses. I nearly stood-up and looked around to ask if everyone had heard the same words as I? Or was this all some sort of illusion and I was hearing one thing while the pastor in front of me was truly speaking on another. The nail was hit on the head and I clapped.

God had come through full circle and I wanted to stand-up and start a congregational wave in celebration.

Once the final song was sang, with joined hands of the body, I didn't think there could be anything more that God, in all His glory could/would do for me in the given moments. And then I turned around and my new friend was eagerly at my side to shake hands and give proper introduction.

With open hearts we walked and spoke of our family and their names. Her daughter and mine came out from nursery with big grins on their faces and big cookies in each tiny hand.

God is good. And in His perfect and loving time, He will unleash a magnitude of Truth and blessing that will fill every crevice of your heart, soul, and mind.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

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